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Questions Kevin Coakley

Questions? Kevin Coakley

Photos & Words Zach Malfa-Kowalski


Boston resident Kevin Coakley

is a classic East Coast skater’s skater, the kind of guy who all the locals know should be a lot more famous than he is. Solid, clean, smooth, and with an excellent eye for spots, Coakley holds it down in a no-nonsense way. Equal parts respect for the rules of conduct made by those who truly know and came before him, and the desire to add something good to the game without being swayed by modern trends. Years back Kevin won our second One In A Million (we knew right when we saw his entry tape) and picked up some quality sponsors in the wake of that, and 2010 finds him appearing in the highly anticipated Blueprint video, “Make Friends With The Color Blue.” Check out some of what he’s been up to recently. Thumbs up, Coakley.

–Mark Whiteley

Bluntslide fakie


"I've rinsed that one out, gotta start learning some new tricks"

How do you feel about the Blueprint video finally coming out?
I'm more than stoked. It’s been a long time coming and everyone has put in a lot of work. World premier in London on the 4th of April, followed by a week-long tour around the UK. Should be good times with all the boys.

You've been traveling a lot this winter right?
Yeah, I completely dodged the coldest months. Florida for a month, two weeks in Puerto Rico, two in the heat of AZ, lay-over in LA and at the moment I'm chilling out in Australia, driving up and down the coast with my mate Van. Not a bad look.

What's it been like with the changes over at Blueprint?
Basically they switched hands just a bit ago, and we've got Paul Shier and Dan Magee running the show. Trying to be a lot more US-based, so I'm excited for what's to come in the future.

It’s primarily a European company with a couple American riders now- how did you become the first American on the team?
Cn, who filmed me quite a bit at the time, sent my footage to Magee. Shortly after, I got invited on my first trip out of the States, to China to meet up with 12 dudes I had never met before. Pretty gnarly. Not many skaters had been to China at the time, I think we were the first team to make it out there. Got the thumbs up from Shier and Baines and I was good to go.

Do you really understand Magee and Shier, or do you just nod and pretend to know what they are talking about?
Most times I just shake my head and say, "Yeah, I hear ya."

Fakie flip crooks


"I can't tell you how much SLAP has helped me out over the years"

Been a long time since One In A Million now- did winning that help?
Oh of course, it set me off for sure! It definitely helped me get on Blueprint and also being flow for Lakai as well. I can't tell you how much SLAP has helped me out over the years, I'm super fortunate that SLAP has given me the coverage that I've had.

Is it weird that you, Curtis Rapp, and Jake Donelly are all homies? Who's the best OIAM?
Gotta go with Curt Rapp, wait till you see the bangers homeboy is layin’ down in Mulhern’s newest film, "This Time Tomorrow" if its not out yet by the time of this interview.

New projects after the video?
Full HD clips with my mate Alex Pelletier. We're going to work on another part for Magee's next Blueprint project. Other than that, just trying to travel and film for whatever.

Ever ridden in Shier's Mazda Miata?
I have actually, had to park it for him one time and ended up getting lost around the streets in LA. Never told him about it, but its all good, made it home safe and sound.



Last fakie flip switch crooks you will ever do?
Hopefully done my last one for this video. I've rinsed that one out, gotta start learning some new tricks.

What's it like living with Lee Berman?
It’s good man, we have the perfect set up. Can't complain at all, honestly. Good friend as well as good roommate doesn't happen that often, let me tell you.

What do you have to say about Berminator's spots?
Most are shit, some are alright. Sometimes you can get a real good one out of him, it all depends. Usually when they are good, you won't hear about it from him. Believe that! My own roommate hiding spots!

What's it like re-filming all of your tricks with Dan Magee when he's in town?
It's alright just because I know he'll make it look good. It's just a bit of a headache doing tricks you have already landed, but the end result is always worth it.

Why Boston over New York or Philly?
I grew up on Cape Cod so I've always just come to Boston to skate. I've got a lot of close friends and the spots are amazing. I've traveled to a lot of good cities and I'm always psyched to return home. New York seems to be the next step but it’s just so damn expensive, plus I've got a tight spot for extremely reasonable rent. We'll see what happens. It’s only a four-hour/15 dollar bus ride away, and Philly isn't too far, either.

Pho in Boston?
All around the area that I live in, there's a huge Vietnamese community so there's loads of spots close by and most of them are pretty decent. Gotta blaze the veggie tofu with hot sauce, that’s the jump off!

Fakie bs nosegrind


Switch ollie


“The first American on the Blueprint team”

I heard Lurker Lou taught you how to skate- elaborate on that.
We used to skate this park on the cape together. First time I met him he took me under his wing and it was a go from then on out. Quote: "I don’t care about your fat little friend, YOU come here and I’ll show you what's good."

Top five Boston skaters?
Robbie Gangemi, Jerry Fowler, Jamal Williams, Eli Reed, Broderick Gumpright.

What's up with Boston being stuck in the mid-90's?
Keep it that way.

Best ledge spot besides Eggs?
You can't beat Eggs but I have to give it to the Aquarium at Long Wharf in Boston just because I’ve learned so much from skating there over the years. "The cracks will kill you!"

Favorite burrito now that El Pelon burned down?
That's a tough one, no burrito can ever compare. I'd have to say Filabertos in Arizona, all you can eat chips and salsa as well. Can't go wrong.

Why are you so fucking slow at everything?
I don't know, man! Just chilled out I guess. I've been picking up the pace a bit. Started drinking like two or three cups of coffee a day to wind me up, but still slow pacing for sure.

Fakie fs shuv fakie nose manual


“Boston stuck in the mid-90's? Keep it that way”

Why are you so nice all the time?
Am I that nice? I got to stop it, I think its working against me these days.

Still parking cars for a living? How's that going, buddy?
Took a leave of absence for about three and half months just to travel but I’m sure I’ll find myself back there when I return. My money situation is running low so I’m hoping to get right back in there.

Jereme Rogers- your boy?
Yeah, I figured out life the other day- it doesn't really matter, hey?

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