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DylanRieder 750

Photo by Ryan Allan


Dylan Rieder was a bit like Marlon Brando to us. Like The Wild One spawned our James Deans and Elvises, Dylan’s comparably dumbfounding talent and arresting charisma left a distinct notch in the timeline of what happened before and after he showed up. Tricks got bigger. Clothes got nicer.

And perhaps most notably, projects got more personal. He designed shoes and clothes that, risky at the time, became trendsetting style makers and sought-after boutique rarities that challenged the macho norm. He avoided sponsors that he couldn’t put his heart behind, never straying from his vision at a time when big brands and money are at their highest potency. He kept control of his name to the point where he could model for DKNY and still remain an underground hero.

But beyond his hero status, every comment from every close friend and passing acquaintance attests to his kindness, honesty, and genuineness. His ultra-cool aura wasn’t a construction, but the infectious effect of witnessing true character. We offer our deepest sympathies to his family and friends. It’s truly tragic that he passed so young, and it will be long before we grow out of the pain. But it will be much, much longer before our reverence for him fades.

Rest in peace, Dylan.


Dylan's family requests donations be made in his memory to Dr. Stephen Forman. Please address checks to "City of Hope" In memo line: "to Dr. Stephen Forman for Dylan Rieder."

City of Hope

Attention: Philanthropy

1500 E. Duarte Rd.

Duarte, CA 91010